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dreamhugs in louisasissytom

hansel and gretel.
tom&louisa. hints of sissy/louisa because apparently i 'ship it hard.
angst/spoilers for all the book.
title because a) hansel and gretel are amazing, and b) tom and louisa do resemble them in some ways.

'will you remember me?' says louisa. 'when you are grown?'

'i'll remember you when i'm dead,' he says.

'i'll remember you when i am dust,' she says.


their love is a love stoked by cruelty's sharp spike, a love that burns and clings to everything like smoke.

(they cling to each other because they have nothing else to cling to.)


'was it ever nice?' says sissy, 'your childhood?'

louisa strokes the grass. 'there was tom,' she says. 'there was tom and we...we had good days.' her voice is too quiet for sissy to hear (it is not sissy's right to know).


louisa begs tom to love her in her sleep, keeps every promise close to her heart for fear he will throw one back and it will cleave her heart in two. she wakes up screaming.

(sissy hushes her, strokes her hair. but that is another story.)


'why do you hate me?'

'you didn't love me enough,' he says, walks into the mist (the smoke that haunts her dreams like he does).

'i did my best,' she begs, and she's crying, face still wet when she wakes up.

('you chose her,' he whispers as sissy wipes away her tears.)


(when they are dead, when they are dust, their graves lie side by side. she makes sure of that.)



April 2011

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