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dreamhugs in louisasissytom

you are all of my might-have beens.
no warnings/spoilers for all the book.

they don't speak. they never have, maintaining a distance, a coolness, a fascination that plays out in questions to sisters and curious looks, but never words exchanged, never conversations or friendships or anything, anything between them.

perhaps if they had she could've been his rebellion, perhaps could have soothed the need for any rebellion at all. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

'you don't talk to me,' he never says to her, silent voice pinched and suspicious. 'why is that?'

'sorry,' she doesn't reply. 'do you want to talk to me now?'

a shrug, a scowl that never happened. 'it's not as if there's anything else to do.'

and so it doesn't go, words that make no sound linking people that they never became.

they could have been. they could've been anything, could have sat too close and looked into eyes no longer strange.

perhaps he dreams about it, this other world, as he grows older, dreams about her lips and her breath and the warmth of her skin. perhaps it is this that makes him turn from her, face ugly with emotions she's too naive to understand. perhaps it is the lack of her warmth that leaves him cold, the face of a dream pinned onto a girl he never bothers to tell, things he's told himself he can't have.

perhaps in some secret place theirs is a love affair with no need of words. perhaps she enchants him without realising, draws him to her with silk strings.

she falls in love with a boy whose eyes still have light behind them, forgets without having to learn to.



April 2011

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